Overview: Low press. slides away from the region as high pressure moves in for the weekend and begining of next week.  Behind it another, stronger Low will move across mid-week and set up some strong S/SSW windswell that will fade into the end of the week.  Leftovers from the first Low pressure system will clean up for Sunday and a similar scenario will take place on Thursday.

Sun: 1-2' occ. 3' fading SSW(215) windswell, strongest east   Wind:NW 25-30kts

Mon:  <2' flat, minor traces                                                   Wind:S 10-15kts.

Tue: 2-3' SSW(197) quick windswell shot Wind:S 15-20kts. G:30
Wed: 4-6' S(185) windswell develops Wind:S 25-30kts. => SW
Thur/Fri/Sat: 3-4'+=>2-3'=>1-2' S(187) windswell slowly fades.

Wind W => W => NE

                                                                                              Updated:March 1st, 2008 @ 2100

Storm Surf bouy forecast plot
44025 bouy wave height plot
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